Summer School Resources

This section will be updated regularly with new material to accompany our Alternative Photography Summer School.


This month we are featuring Sun Printing:

Anthotypes, Cyanotypes, Lumen Printing and Chlorophyll Printing

These printing processes use different light sensitive papers and plants to create beautiful images -  you can follow these techniques at home using the video tutorials and downloadable resources here - also you will need some sun! Don't forget, you can email us with your address if you'd like a free pack with a few sheets of photographic paper, cyanotype paper and a plastic lens for the Summer School activities.

Make your own light sensitive paper by extracting coloured juices from plants and coating paper. Spinach, brassicas, rocket, wild garlic, beetroot, and coloured fruit works well, or try experimenting with turmeric or flower petals.

Download or view our Anthotype Guide below for full details on the process


Anthotype Guide.jpg

Video on Anthotype Printing by Sophie Sherwood

Use photographic paper exposed in the sun to create subtly coloured images from natural items such as flowers, leaves and grasses. Experiment with different types of photographic papers - no need to use developer, fixing is optional. 

Download or view our Lumen Printing Guide below for full details on the process

Lumen Printing 

Lumen Printing Guide.jpg

Video on Lumen Printing by Wendy Leocque

Cyanotypes are beautiful blue images created by the action of sunlight on a mixture of potassium ferricyanide and ammonium ferric citrate, invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842. No need to fix, just wash the print in water after exposure.

Download or view our Cyanotype Guide below for full details on the process


Cyanotype Guide.jpg

Video on Cyanotypes by Wendy Leocque

Print images on leaves using the action of sunlight on chlorophyll and discover the effects you can obtain from different leaves. You don't need any specialist equipment for this process, although it can be time consuming!

Download or view our Chlorophyll Printing Guide below for full details on the process

Chlorophyll Printing

Chlorophyll Guide.jpg

Video on Chlorophyll Printing by Ruth Jacobs

Justin Quinnell demonstrates Turmeric Anthotypes, and toning using a borax solution

'Developing' a tumeric print in borax

Anthotype Gallery


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