Courses, Workshops and events 

Monthly supported darkroom sessions with Ruth Jacobs. (Second Thursday of the month - evening).  Regular darkroom sessions with advice and guidance in any aspect of processing and printing. A chance to learn new photographic skills and build up your confidence in the darkroom.

Discovering Light - Photon Fun!
Experimenting with, the fastest thing in the universe - light.
Sponsored by the IOP - Institute of Physics



The FREE activities for individuals, parents and children explored historic ground breaking optical discoveries, experimenting with light and celebrating Bristol’s connection with Humphrey Davy and the birthplace of photography. The events covered three separate dates, 29th April, May 19th and June 17th.


Sunday September 16th
Discovering Light - Professional Development course for Educators
Professional development course for educators designed to push experimentation and learning of light beyond pixels and automate technology. The day will cover many of the chapters in Justin’s recently published Book ‘Discovering Light’ including: the science of light, the eye and perception, camera obscura construction, pinhole photography, solargraphy (6 month exposures tracking the sun) and non-chemical approaches as well as darkroom construction and digital image capture with pinhole. The techniques will benefit primary, secondary and FE science, photography and art teachers.
£90 including all materials. More detailed information here.

Saturday November 10th  

Pinhole Selfie and Solargraph workshop.
A two hour workshop where you will make a pinhole camera and use it to create an ‘Awfullogramme selfie’. A ‘self portrait' technique invented by Justin, resulting in a selfie un-distorted by lenses! 
We will then adapt the camera so you leave with a camera which can take a solargraph image of the sun crossing the sky over 5 months. 
£20 including all materials, no experience necessary.

Sunday December 9th 

Winter Equinox Solargraph Camera workshop.
Drop in session with workshops throughout the day and a short talk on the hour.
Make two 6 month exposure pinhole cameras to image the sun apparently crossing the sky from east to west in time to position the camera for the winter equinox. 

We will also be uncovering images from the June 17th workshop.
£5 including all materials, no experience necessary.


St Pauls Learning Centre, 94 Grosvenor Rd, Bristol BS2 8XJ 0117 914 5470 (see on map)


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