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Elizabeth Hammond

"It was so lovely to be able to join that final class & as a result have finally found a use for bindweed... it makes a lovely plant based developer. Here are a few experiments with chemigrams.

The first is a comparison I did of different solutions and fixing in salt water or not - the details are on the image.

The single apple is with 'Bindweedol', the grey / blue in the top half is salt water & salt crystals, the bottom is the also 'Bindweedol'. Exposed to the sun for a few minutes too and then all left to dry before removing the apple slice. Not fixed. Well not yet at least.

The Autumn leaves is a selection of fallen leaves dry brushed with Caffenol & layered onto the paper. Tumeric solution, cyanotype mix and saltwater applied, exposure to sun for an hour or so, under glass, left to dry. Again, it is not fixed.

They are all on B&W paper."   E.H.


Emma Simmons


Hilary Clarke


Ian Wallace

Box Brownie Image
"After a bit of experimentation I found my brownie No 2 box camera needed a really long exposure to create an image without development.  This picture took three days in the camera which sat on a tripod in the kitchen looking out on the garden.  Part way through my wife removed the plant that was on the white plant stand and its ghost of it is just visible, she also used one of the chairs at the table.  Passage of time, if you know where to look.

The image was flipped from a negative in GIMP and I’ve also increased the contrast a little."   I.W.


Keith Wolton


Maisie Walker

"A pinhole 'Can'mera photo I made after attending the alternative summer school, I'd never used this method of photography before.

This is a month exposure from a railing beside the Old Severn Bridge.

Another technique I enjoyed experimenting with was the Camera Obscura: Upside down world - Sarah in her room in July" M.W.


Nicky Williams


Penny Russell

"The tetrapak solar pics are all day long - I enjoyed these. The difference in colour isn’t from filters, it’s from paper that had fogged a bit pink + changed to blue when inverted. I liked it though, so have kept it.

 I haven’t managed to try everything out - I was hoping to try this week as I have some time but the weather isn’t playing fair.
Here are some pieces from earlier in the summer. I also have a six month solargraphy camera up in the garden but that’s not due to come in until December." P.R.


Rima Virbauskaite

"Thank you so much for Alternative Photography Workshops, especially for the Chemigrams workshop. For me, it was a discovery. The idea of a summer school is amazing. Thank you for sharing your know-how." R.V.


Ruth Jacobs


Stephen Sharp

"Just sending you a few of my images created using Solargraphy technique. 1 image is of a 2 month exposure and the others are day exposures. The images were made in my garden looking up through 2 garden chairs." S.S.


Susan Jeffries

"These are pinhole pics in a can. First one was first attempt, second two have been there for a few months. Last one over an hour." S.J.


Suzanne Fossey


Tracy Piper-Wright

"Here are two sets of experiments made thanks to the fabulous workshops from the Real Photography Company!  Some lumen prints and anthotypes, both processes I have fallen in love with and will do more work with when the sun returns!" T.P-W.


Justin Quinnell

"Losing oneself in creativity takes away fear." J.Q.

Summer School Participants said:

"Thanks so much to you all for the inspiration and ideas - kept us going over the summer through this weird time. Stay safe everyone!" Sue
"Fabulous workshops - thank you so much!" Sheila
"Thank you so much, enjoyed every minute!" Lily

"Thank you to everyone for a great summer school series!" Keith

“Just brilliant, every single one of these workshops have been fabulous and inspirational! :)” Tracy  

“Excellent, thank you, it was very interesting and fun!” Valeria

“Thank you So much - Really informative, useful and fun!” Doreen

"Thank you, really informative and great to have artist references. Looking forward to trying these techniques with my students" 😊Emma
"Thanks a lot! Super inspired." Francesca



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Upside down world 1 - Sarah in her room