Real Photography Exhibition

Feb 2020

Hamilton House


We invite all Darkroom Members and users, and anyone who has been on one of our courses or workshops to submit their best black and white photographic images for inclusion in our forthcoming exhibition to be held at Hamilton House in mid Feb 2020. Entry is free, and you can include up to 5 images. Please mount and frame your work ready to hang, put your name, email address and title of the work on the back and get it to us by Mon 3 Feb 5pm at the latest.

Please drop us a line if you'd like to contribute so we can get an idea of numbers,  email

The Science of Photography

Workshop for British Science Week
Sat 14 March

1 - 4 pm


Come and celebrate British science week with a selection of light and time based experiments and experiences. From seeing the world how it would appear without a brain to watching the effect of silver salts being exposed to light. We will be using the darkroom in the St Pauls learning centre to celebrate the science of light. More details coming soon.

UNESCO International Day of Light 
Sat 16 May

1 - 4.30 pm


The Unesco Day of light is an annual event celebrating light and its significance to us all around the world. May the 16th is the anniversary of the invention of the laser. Come along and experience light-based fun and activities at St Pauls Darkrooms. More details coming soon.

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