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Cyanotype on Fabric Workshop
Sun 30 Oct

11am - 3pm

£25 - including materials

No previous experience necessary - all welcome!


Try your hand at cyanotype printing on fabric at this workshop led by our photographer in residence, Chiara Schwartz.

In this workshop Chiara will teach you her way of printing cyanotype on different fabric, using plants, film and digital negatives etc. to create beautiful blue designs and patterns. She will show you how to get the best results and how to change the colour of your cyanotypes from blue to dark brown! If it's sunny, we will invite workshop participants to create a big group print on the Green in front of St Pauls Learning Centre.

We will provide ready coated fabric for you to experiment with, and various items to make prints. However, you may bring your own flat objects to make images, such as fresh or pressed flowers, leaves, grasses, lace, feathers, doilies, etc.


The workshop takes place at the spacious and well-equipped community darkrooms at St Pauls Learning Centre which is fully accessible and open to the public 7 days a week. Book now - places are limited!

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