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Darkroom Inductions - Book Now!

Next Induction Sessions:

Thurs 23 May, 6 till 7pm

Mon 10 June, 6 till 7pm

Darkroom Inductions are to show new and returning Darkroom Members and Users around the Darkrooms and ensure your safety and comfort. You will have a guided tour to familiarise you with the equipment and chemistry, find out where everything you need is kept, show you how to operate our new ventilation system and dispose of used chemistry.

Darkroom Inductions take around 1 hour and are free of charge.

Once you have completed the induction you can book your Darkroom sessions via St Pauls Learning Centre Reception

Good news - Darkroom Membership for just £50 per year is now available online, entitling you to discounted Darkroom Sessional Hire.

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