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'A Little Piece of Summer'
Outdoor Alternative Photography Exhibition

Second Floor, St Pauls Learning Centre

We are exhibiting a selection of exciting experimental images created in a series of Outdoor Photography workshops that took place in allotments, parks, gardens and outdoor green spaces at locations in and around St Pauls, Ashley and Eastville, Bristol, over the summer of 2021 as we emerged from Lockdown No. 3.

Local community groups and members of the public were invited to participate in the workshops. We explored several alternative cameraless photographic techniques using the power of plants and the action of sunlight to create prints of leaves, flowers, grasses and other natural items chosen by workshop participants.

Mounted and framed images are available for sale. A3 images in 50 x 70cms frames at £150 each.

Please email if you'd like to buy one:

Processes used in the Workshops:

Turmeric Printing - light sensitive material made using turmeric coated onto paper to create a delightful yellow image which can then be toned in borax to turn it red.

Cyanotypes - iron based salts coated onto paper, exposed, then washed in water to create a beautiful blue print which can be intensified in hydrogen peroxide.

Lumens - prints on silver-based photographic paper which reacts in sunlight to create a range of subtle earthy colours.

Chemigrams - using developer made from coffee, vitamin C and washing soda to enhance the photographic image made on silver based photographic paper.

See our Resources for more info about the processes used.

The Workshops - Making the Images:

With thanks to everyone who took part:


Project Participants were:


St Werburghs City Farm Youth Group

Urban Roots Youth Group

Talo Community Group

One25 Women’s Group

New Roots Community Allotment

Eastville Park Bowling Club

Hope School 

Members of the Public and Volunteers

Covid-Safe Outdoor Photography Workshops were supported by Quartet

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