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Alternative Photography Resources 

Over the last three summers we have been exploring the exciting world of experimental image making, using processes that are easy to follow at home, with a minimum of specialist photography materials and equipment.

In 2021 we collected images of prints made in a series of hands-on workshops held in parks, allotments and gardens in inner-city Bristol. You can see these in our 'Little Piece of Summer' online exhibition.


In 2020 we invited participants to a series of Online Workshops and presented the processes and techniques outlined below. We published their results in our Summer School Gallery.


It's not too late to have a try - see below for all the processes we featured and follow the links for details, downloadable information and video tutorials. The presentations and demonstrations from the Online Workshops are also available for anyone who missed them! 

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See our Solargraphy and Room Obscuras video tutorials and presentations from our Online Workshop, plus downloadable information in pdf format.

We show you how to make pinhole cameras from drinks cans and Tetra Packs, using photographic paper to make a pinhole exposure over a day, a month or even 6-month duration.

Also try constructing a camera obscura in a room, to project images from the outside onto your walls and ceiling.

1-Day solargraph .png

Have a look at our Paper Negatives Resources, for video tutorials and presentations from our Online Workshop, plus downloadable information in pdf format.

Create an analogue photographic image without darkroom equipment or processing, using photographic paper inside a film camera. The image can be scanned and inverted to produce a positive image, so no development is required. If you haven't got a camera find out how to make one!  


Our Sun Printing Resources include video tutorials and downloadable information on Anthotypes, Cyanotypes, Lumen Printing, Chlorophyll Printing, and more, with two presentations from our Sun Printing Online Workshop held last July.


With photographic and cyanotype paper you can create beautiful lumen prints and cyanotypes using the action of sunlight. Make your own light sensitive materials from plant extracts or turmeric, and make exposures in the sun to create anthotypes, and print directly onto leaves to produce amazing chlorophyll prints.

Nicola Williams Spinach

Video tutorials, workshop presentations and demonstration plus downloadable pdf info now available in our Chemigrams and Caffenol Resources section. 


Find out about different recipes to replace traditional developer, stop and fix by experimenting with coffee, plants, and other household ingredients to develop film and prints. 


"Thank you so much for a wonderful summer of workshops, I have learnt so much from each and every one." Kelly

"This was great! I’m pumped up to experiment more 😊" Jonas

"Just a massive thank you for sharing your secrets! " Suzanne

"Thank you, lots of great experiments to try out." Sue

"Brilliant workshops, they’ve all been great!" Jo

"Fab! thank you.. can’t wait for more when you’ve had a rest x " Linda

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