Paper Negative Resources

Using old cameras to create paper negatives without darkroom chemistry

This month we are encouraging people to dust off their old and vintage cameras and use light sensitive photographic paper to create black and white photographs without the need for photographic chemistry.  If you don’t have a camera we will show you how to make one!
Similar to the Lumen process we will show you how to create paper negatives with long exposures and use digital scanning techniques to view your images. Combining 180 year old technology with modern digital image capture.

Make your own Camera to create Paper Negatives

Use a shoebox and a found lens to make a basic homemade ‘Paper negative’ camera to create long exposure paper negatives. Results are scanned and inverted to view images - without the need for development.

Download or view full instructions in the guide below

basic paper cameras pdfjpg.jpg

Video on lenses for home made cameras and various analogue cameras

Finding and using old Cameras to create Paper Negatives

Information on using various analogue cameras to create paper negatives. From 35mm SLR cameras to 100 year old bellows cameras, includes ideas on exposure times, subjects. and advanced approaches.


Download or view full details in the guide below

Advanced paper negative camera pdf edite

Video on how to use an old bellows camera to create paper negatives by Justin Quinnell

Powerpoint presentation on paper negatives

Paper Negative Images Gallery

Bear and camera


Shoe box camera

camera with leaves photogram

Bellows photogram

Bellows camera placed on a sheet of photo paper with leaves


Angry flower


24mm lens


Hammock swinging

5 hours of sink

Staring at phone for 10 min utes

Selfie 6 mins

Selfie neg 6 mins


Photo paper pre soaked


Homeschool 1


Bye bye Valerie



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