Solargraphy Resources

Make pinhole cameras from drinks cans and Tetra Packs, then load the camera with
photographic paper to make a pinhole exposure over a day, a month or 6-month duration.

      Solargraphy 'Tetra-Cam' camera PDF                           Solargraphy Video                                  Solargraphy Can 









          Workshop PowerPoint and demonstrations video








To see some of the original solarigraphy have a look at Diego Lopez, Pawel Kula, Slavo Decyk and also Tarja Trygg's Solargraphy project 

For other pinhole camera designs and adventures have a look at Justin Quinnell's 

Solargraph film front page.jpg
Solargraph PDF.jpg
tetracam jpg.jpg

Tetra Cam Day exposure solargraphs


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