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Solargraphy Resources

Make pinhole cameras from drinks cans and Tetra Packs, then load the camera with photographic paper to make a pinhole exposure over a day, a month or 6-month duration.


To see some of the original solarigraphy have a look at Diego Lopez, Pawel Kula, Slavo Decyk and Gregg Kemp also Tarja Trygg's Solargraphy project. For other pinhole camera designs and adventures have a look at Justin Quinnell's 

Tetra Cam PDF

Unique pinhole camera perfect for creating one day exposures of the sun.

Download or view our guide below for full details.

tetracam jpg.jpg

'How to' Solargraphy Video

Everything you need to know about solargraphy, but were too afraid to ask!

Drink Can PDF

The drink can camera for taking wide angle images of the sun for up to 6 months.

Download or view our guide below for full details.

Solargraph PDF.jpg

Demo and Powerpoint

Presentation and demonstration from the Alternative Photography Summer School Online Workshop in June


Solargraph FAQs

Where can I buy the materials to make a Solargraph?

RK Photographic  

Ag Photographic  

First Call Photographic

Can you do the whole thing using small cans or does it have to be the larger ‘beer’ cans?

5”x7” paper fits perfectly into larger drinks cans (usually 440ml). If you want to use a small drinks can, such as a coke can (usually 330ml) you’ll need to cut your 5” x 7” paper down to size before putting it inside, ensuring there’s enough space for the pinhole to expose the paper.

What direction should the camera face - east, west, north or south?

in Northern Hemisphere, North in Southern Hemisphere.
Point upwards around midsummer but you can also experiment with East and West if you’re doing a 1 day exposure during midsummer.

Tetra Cam 1-Day Exposure Solargraph Gallery

Leaf skel 3

Leaf skeleton 6 hour exposure

greenhouse 2

Tomato plant in greenhouse. 2 day exposure

exercise bike

Exercise bike 4 hours.

Day experiment goal

Goal. 3 hours

Leaf skel 2

Leaf skeleton and tomato plant

day experiment greenhouse


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