Darkroom Membership, Sessional Hire and Fees


Darkroom Membership gives you reduced sessional hire - click on the button for the Membership Form and Payment:


  • £40 annual fee

Sessional Hire:

  • Members - £10 per 3 hour session  /  Non-members - £15 per 3 hour session

Young people under 18 may become Darkroom Members and should be accompanied by a parent or guardian when using the Darkrooms.

Booking Darkroom Sessions

To book your session in the darkroom please contact St Pauls Learning Centre Reception: splcbookings@ethicalproperty.co.uk or call 0117 914 5470. You can check availability first via St Pauls Learning Centre booking system.

Opening Hours

The Learning Centre operates a flexible booking system allowing you to book any 3-hour session within opening hours.

  • Monday to Thursday -  9am to 9pm (Last session starts at 6pm)

  • Friday – 9am to 5pm (Last session starts at 2pm)

  • Weekends  - 10am to 5pm (Last session starts at 2pm)

Please note, due to Covid-19 Lockdown, darkrooms are currently closed and all memberships frozen.

When we reopen we can only allow one person at a time into the Darkrooms,

and all users will need to complete a short free Covid-Safe Induction prior before booking your session.




St Pauls Learning Centre, 94 Grosvenor Rd, Bristol, BS2 8XJ, United Kingdom (see on map) Tel. 0117 914 5470


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