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My Bristol - Outdoor Photography Exhibition at St Pauls Learning Centre

We are pleased to present our latest exhibition, My Bristol, which is completely accessible 24 hours a day even in lockdown. Come and see it on the outside of St Pauls Learning Centre, where the beautiful black and white images complement the colourful refurbishment of the building.

Taking a camera around Bristol encouraged people to explore and get to know the city better, and to highlight diverse people, places and events such as St Pauls Carnival and Bristol in the snow. 

All images were taken, developed and printed at St Pauls Darkrooms by participants of community photography projects with local Over 50's, coordinated by Live West Housing Association, refugees and asylum seekers in collaboration with Bristol Refugee Rights and Art Refuge UK, and people recovering from addictions with Developing Health and Independence in St Pauls. Supported by Bristol City Council Originators funding.

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