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My St Pauls Community Photography Project 2018 - 19

Between June 2018 and March 2019 four local community groups who would not normally have access to photography tuition and black and white darkroom facilities came and worked with us at St Pauls Darkrooms - they were:

  • Over 50's

  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers,

  • DHI (Developing Health and Independence)

  • Young Asylum Seekers. 

We led a 5 week course in black and white photography for each group, kicking off with a fun taster session where participants experimented with pinhole cameras, then took simple disposable cameras to take photos, and over the subsequent weeks developed film and made prints for exhibition. This project was funded by Bristol City Council Originators grant.

Schools Workshops 2018 - 19

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Photo-Social 2019 - 20

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Over 50's Inner City Photographers

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